Saturday, December 6

My Christmas

6 December 2008, 20 days before Christmas days..

Right,Only about 20 days later we will have a holiday which is Christmas holiday..

Even the Christmas holiday still take time about 20 days.. I can already feel Christmas feeling...
Many Christmas songs played, many people asking for other Christmas activities...

Yeah.. Sounds this Christmas will be some great event.. right..?
Actually not only in this Christmas but also in the last Christmas that I have in Indonesia.. I feel that my heart knock even faster.. lolz [sounds exaggerated] but real that's what I've feel..

Emm..In this Christmas I also gonna spend it in my Home Town which is Jakarta with all my Families, High School Friend, New Friend..

Yeah.. after a long waiting I will come back to my home town..
Wish this Christmas will be something wonderful to me..

What a beautiful Christmas it will be..


Friend.. please wait for me.. XD

25 December 2008